New telematics and XFs!
18 May 2018
The pick up of new DAFs
29 May 2019

At the beginning of May we had the opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our company. There was no end to wishes, and the celebration of this event still continues. On this occasion, a small ceremony took place at the company’s headquarters, during which we celebrated the anniversary among our closest associates.

For the record, some of the company’s history…

Initially, several bus cars were riding in the company’s colours. They traveled thousands of kilometers on the roads of Poland and the motorways of our western neighbors. All this in order to transform a small company led by one man into a vigorous family enterprise, after 30 years of continuous growth. Currently, the company is employing over 120 people, mostly drivers who use lorry fleet consisting of 96 trucks, over 120 semi-trailers and trailers, BDF containers, buses and passenger cars.

Public Truck Transport Ireneusz Czajkowski, a company founded by Ireneusz Czajkowski in 1989, has been providing transport and forwarding services continuously since then. The company’s family-like nature is demonstrated by the fact that from the beginning of its existence, there are employees that have been hired in the 1990s, including a closer and extended family.

We wish the owner, and all those responsible for bringing the company to the place where it is now, all the best, including many years of the company’s successful functioning!