20 January 2020

Fleet refreshment

On January 20, 2020, we received 20 new DAFs XF106. After 3 years of work, part of the fleet was replaced with the latest tractor units. […]
24 November 2019

14 European countries where we provide services

We are pleased to announce that the new countries have joined the list to which we send our cars. Thanks to the trust of our clients, […]
5 November 2019

Last order this year

We collected another order on October 21, 2019. It is probably the last one this year. DAF’s BDF system trucks with three Wecon tandem trailers arrived […]
26 August 2019

The pick up of new trucks with tandem trailers

In the third week of August, two new vehicles from the last large order came to us. DAF BDF trucks with two Wecon tandem trailers arrived […]