The pick up of new trucks with tandem trailers

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26 June 2019
Last order this year
5 November 2019

In the third week of August, two new vehicles from the last large order came to us. DAF BDF trucks with two Wecon tandem trailers arrived to the site of PTC Czajkowski from Strumień, where they were armed by the WESOB company, one of our partners.

These are another of a set of vehicles of this type in the same configuration that we ordered in accordance with the requirements of our Client. From today on, they will serve permanent lines in Western Europe, providing services of the highest quality and advertising the PTC Czajkowski brand on EU roads.

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Specialized transport management staff will undertake every challenge. Over 100 trucks with the use of over 130 semi-trailers and trailers are waiting to meet all the requirements that are set for us in logistics processes. PTC Czajkowski is a proven and true transport brand.