We offer transportation and forwarding services in Europe

We transport loads between countries:

Austria, Estonia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.
We offer transportation and forwarding services in Poland and throughout Europe. We are able to arrange and implement truck transportation services for different types of cargo.
We specialize in the transportation of construction materials, paper, wood, prefabricated elements and electronic equipment, as well as mail and courier deliveries.

We guarantee the safety of the transported goods and their timely delivery to the designated location.

We attach particular importance to the experience and commitment of our drivers. We only employ persons with proven experience in the trucking industry, who treat their jobs seriously and take good care of the goods entrusted to them.

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Our qualified staff of forwarding agents is responsible for the implementation of the forwarding tasks in our company. They have extensive experience in the industry and a professional approach to their work, committing to all tasks entrusted to them, even when they are not directly related to the transportation service.

In our company, we are highly committed to the implementation of each task entrusted to us by our customers, regardless of whether it is a mechanic in the repair shop maintaining our fleet, a forwarder delivering a forwarding order or a driver delivering goods on time. Each and every one of us puts their heart into and engages in the development of our company, based on the principle of trust and respect for each person throughout the logistics chain.

Publiczny Transport Ciężarowy Ireneusz Czajkowski is a reliable company, the foundations of which are based on the joint ideas of human capital and great commitment.



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